About St Emilie’s

“For a school to be Catholic, it must first be a good school…the Catholic school’s concept of education will be:…the development of (students) from within, freeing them from that conditioning that would prevent them from becoming fully integrated human beings. The school must begin from the principle that its educational program is intentionally directed to the growth of the whole person.”


‘St Emilie’s Catholic Primary School promotes life-long learning, in a safe and nurturing environment, for students, staff and families. We build upon the example of how Jesus lived, using the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, to “Grow in Grace”, as individuals and as a community.’

The school community works together to demonstrate a consistent message of ‘striving for excellence in all that we do’  We don’t strive for perfection, just our very best individual and collective effort.

We believe that children learn in different ways, therefore we provide a diverse range of learning opportunities that aim to meet students at their point of need.

We have high expectations in regard to behaviour and respectful relationships and we explicitly teach and encourage children to progressively make better choices, while also taking responsibility for their actions.



Our mission is to courageously and prophetically inspire, nurture and support all in our community to grow as confident and capable learners and as authentic Christian people, relating to an ever-changing world.









School Logo

St Emilies CP logo RGB

The Cross

Christ is at the centre of all we do here at St Emilie’s. The cross lies at the centre of our logo to remind us that we are never alone and that Christ has no body now, but ours. We have each been called to go out and be the hands, the feet, the eyes of Christ in our world. This is both a challenge and a gift.

The Leaves

The two leaves symbolise growth here at St Emilie’s – as individuals, as a community and as lifelong learners. We are each called upon to nurture one another through word and action so that we can realise our fullest potential – academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Four Quadrants

The quadrants represent the four key stakeholders in our community – students, staff, families and parish. We believe in the power of teamwork and of the potential for achieving quality outcomes when all stakeholders work closely together in a spirit of mutual respect, trust and collaboration.

Colour Gold

We walk together as ‘children of the light’. We walk without fear. We walk with trust that the light of Christ will shine brightly in our lives and in our school community and show us the way to a life journey based upon mutual respect, inner strength, courage, kindness, goodness, compassion, truth, forgiveness and justice.

Colour Royal Blue

The royal blue symbolises our God-given freedom, and the strength and peace we find in our faith and in our respectful relationships with one another.

Our School Motto

Growing in Grace

Where there is no growth, there is no life.  To ‘grow in grace’ is to open our minds, hearts and souls towards receiving the free gifts of the Spirit into our lives. It is about fully opening ourselves to allowing the creative power of God’s great love, peace and forgiveness, to guide and sustain us so that we can go out and BE GOOD NEWS to all those we meet.


School Song


We pray, Lord, that you’ll guide us to walk hand in hand
With kindness, gentleness we will treat every friend
Just like Saint Emily who followed in your way
Help us share our gifts as we grow in grace

Jesus, be in our hearts
Let your grace come down upon us
And in harmony, we will walk
In the footprints of your love
As our story unfolds in this nurturing place
We are learning every day
In Your family, we are growing in grace

Together Lord, we gather here to laugh, learn and live
Your words Lord, teach us to love and to give
Guided by your Spirit Lord, we come to you in faith
As one community, let us grow in grace


School Prayer

St Emilie, our Mother and guide
You were so filled with love of God
that you helped others in difficult times.
Please help us to be like you and love others.


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