St Benedict’s School

Kindergarten to Year 6, Applecross WA

Important Dates

Nothing from 02 July to 16 July.

Merit Award Winners


What’s On

Year 6 Camp Meeting – Thursday 6th August 3.15pm.

Assembly – 7th August – Year 3B Class Assembly


Year Five Blue News

This Term in Health, we have been exploring the nutritional information on food and drink labels. The intention of this unit of work is to provide us with knowledge that will help us live a healthy lifestyle. We are learning lots about serving sizes and units of energy. Last week, we calculated the quantity of sugar in an assortment of drinks and were absolutely blown away to discover that apple juice had the highest sugar content.


Pre-Primary Blue Religious Education

In Religious Education we have been learning all about the different ways we can communicate with each other. Some forms of communication include:

  • Using gestures
  • Sounds
  • Language
  • Music
  • Movement
  • Drama


We have also been exploring how we can use different forms of communication to build relationships with others. One way we did this was by brainstorming different ways we can be good communicators. Below are some of our examples:

  • We can write a letter to our friends (Amelia)
  • We can phone our friends (Stella)
  • We can sing to people when they are sad (Torsten)
  • We can play with our friends to cheer them up (Rafael)
  • When someone is crying you can hold their hands and ask them if they want be friends (Stella)
  • You can give someone a hug (Esther)
  • We can ask people to draw and skip with them (Emersyn)
  • We can say nice things to our friends (Rayden)


Book Club

Issue 5 of Book Club went home today. All orders must be completed by Friday 7th August.
If you wish to order online you may use the LOOP system. Please note that if you do use LOOP DO NOT send the order form to school as this will result in a doubling up of orders.
If you do not wish to order online please send your completed order form with correct money to the class teacher by the due date.

Thank you
Mrs Noonan

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