St Benedict’s School

Kindergarten to Year 6, Applecross WA

Important Dates

Nothing from 16 May to 30 May.

From the Principal – Term 3, Week 2

Dear Parents and Guardians

Welcome Back

Welcome back to what looks to be an exciting term ahead with the easing of some restrictions in Phase 5 of the Roadmap, tentatively scheduled to come into effect on Saturday 15th August.

Even though this is a period of relative calm for Western Australia in relation to COVID-19, it is important that staff, students and members of our community continue to remain vigilant in all areas including; our food preparation, school gatherings, hygiene and cleaning, observing safe physical distancing and for staff and students to stay home if they are unwell. Once Phase 5 is confirmed, we will announce how we will return to normal operating procedures throughout our school. We thank you in advance for your patience and commitment in working together to ensure the safety of the students, staff, and parent community.

Strong partnerships are an important indicator of student success. Feedback on parent/teacher interviews this week was very positive and an important step in maximising student learning, behaviour, health, and well-being. Thank you to all staff and parents for your commitment to this area.

We are certainly blessed to have not only each other, but also to have much to look forward to here at school. As we move into the third term, it is a source of great hope that our students continue to care for one another and with Jesus as their model, are compassionate and passionate about learning.


GATE Program

This Term we have commenced our Formal Gifted and Talented Program in years 4-6.  This occurs every Friday afternoon and is led by the Gate Coordinators for the particular Term.  This Term Miss Marshall and Mr Rechichi are coordinating the GATE Program with the focus on the Tournament of Minds competition later in the term.  This program follows the clear policy developed earlier in the term and we look forward to how we can expand the program moving into 2021.

St Benedict’s Clubs

With students as our focus we have developed a number of clubs to operate during each lunchtime session providing opportunities for children to engage in different activities.  This week I send an email requesting donations of Lego for our newly developed Lego club which will operate on Mondays.  Along with this, we have created a different club for each day of the week that cater for different student needs.  These clubs are as below.  Any donations of Lego should be directed to the front office.

Open Day

This coming Monday we are holding our annual open day.  This format will commence with an open day for current Year 3 & 4 parents from 9-10am.  This will then be followed by hourly tours and presentations for any new families.  Please promote this event with family and friends.


Letter from the PM

Last Term, a few of our Year 3 Students Wrote to our Prime Minister in regard to having rights and freedom during these difficult times.   I was very impressed with Paige, Madeline and Elise and have included Scott Morrison’s response below.



Yours sincerely

Steve Miranda

Assistant Principal News

Dear Families & Friends,

St Mary of the Cross

On Wednesday, 5 August we will be celebrating the feast day of our only Australian saint, St Mary of the Cross. This year marks 10 years since Mary Mackillop was canonised as a saint. Our Year 3 students will be leading our Mass and parents of Year 3 students are invited to attend at 2:00pm in the Church. Unfortunately, we are unable to have our whole parent community in attendance due to current restrictions.

Dear God,

Thank you for the life of St Mary of the Cross. She showed us that in the struggles and hard times of her life, you were there loving and helping her. Please be with me when I need support or when I am afraid. Help me to show love just as she did.

First Holy Communion: Parent Theology Night

On Tuesday, 11 August we will be holding a Parent Theology session for all parents who have a child in Year 4, celebrating their First Holy Communion this year. Parents are invited to come to the Church at 6:30pm for this one hour session.


May you all have a beautiful weekend,


Michelle Christian
Assistant Principal

School News

Merit Award Winners


What’s On

Year 6 Camp Meeting – Thursday 6th August 3.15pm.

Assembly – 7th August – Year 3B Class Assembly


Year Five Blue News

This Term in Health, we have been exploring the nutritional information on food and drink labels. The intention of this unit of work is to provide us with knowledge that will help us live a healthy lifestyle. We are learning lots about serving sizes and units of energy. Last week, we calculated the quantity of sugar in an assortment of drinks and were absolutely blown away to discover that apple juice had the highest sugar content.


Pre-Primary Blue Religious Education

In Religious Education we have been learning all about the different ways we can communicate with each other. Some forms of communication include:

  • Using gestures
  • Sounds
  • Language
  • Music
  • Movement
  • Drama


We have also been exploring how we can use different forms of communication to build relationships with others. One way we did this was by brainstorming different ways we can be good communicators. Below are some of our examples:

  • We can write a letter to our friends (Amelia)
  • We can phone our friends (Stella)
  • We can sing to people when they are sad (Torsten)
  • We can play with our friends to cheer them up (Rafael)
  • When someone is crying you can hold their hands and ask them if they want be friends (Stella)
  • You can give someone a hug (Esther)
  • We can ask people to draw and skip with them (Emersyn)
  • We can say nice things to our friends (Rayden)


Book Club

Issue 5 of Book Club went home today. All orders must be completed by Friday 7th August.
If you wish to order online you may use the LOOP system. Please note that if you do use LOOP DO NOT send the order form to school as this will result in a doubling up of orders.
If you do not wish to order online please send your completed order form with correct money to the class teacher by the due date.

Thank you
Mrs Noonan

Community News

Marriage Encounter Weekends

World Wide Marriage Encounter

ATTENTION PARENTS.  Rekindle your love for one another away from everyday distractions. What better way to celebrate the gift of your unique love than to make time to focus on each other and your marriage. Consider attending a WORLDWIDE MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER weekend to renew those feelings you had during your first few years together.  We invite you to join us on a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend 19-20 September 2020 (live out) to be held at Bateman or  6-8 November 2020 (live in) to be held at Atrium Resort in Mandurah. For more information or booking contact:  Valerie & Brendon on 0424 220 625 – Email:

WORLDWIDE MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER:  Getting ready for school means lots of time spent on your children. Now school has begun, why not give yourselves some time together?  You both deserve a weekend away investing in your most precious asset . . . Your Marriage!  This is a unique opportunity to recharge your relationship batteries, refocus on each other.  If you’d like to make your marriage even more special than it already is, contact Brendon and Valerie on 0424 220 625.  For more information or bookings email  Weekend dates 19-20 September (live out) to be held at Bateman and  6-8 November 2020 (live in) to be held at Atrium Resort in Mandurah.


Corpus Christi College

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