Specialist Programs


Science at Queen of Apostles provides opportunities for our students to be able to expand their curiosity, explore, ask questions and speculate through student engagement, science inquiry and investigations. Our whole school program aims to develop an understanding of important science concepts, processes and practices.

We foster an interest in science and its application to our lives. Our students are encouraged to think and act in scientific ways and understand the impact of science on our society. We give our students opportunities to become critical and creative thinkers.


Music at Queen of Apostles is inclusive and engaging, developing in students a love and appreciation of music. Lessons are conducted in a happy, safe and welcoming environment for students to learn, grow, co-operate and collaborate. Our students build an understanding of the elements of music, developing performance, composition, theory and music analysis skills that enrich their lives.

The choir is an integral part of the music program with students from Years 3-6 invited to participate. Choral singing affords children the opportunity to participate in both liturgical (through the celebration of the Sacraments) and performance-based modes (Performing Arts Festival) of musical instruction. Involvement in the choir requires a full commitment to attending rehearsals, liturgies and special performances such as Carol Singing at Riverton Forum.

Physical Education

Physical Education at Queen of Apostles School ensures a well-balanced program is provided for the children. Each class has a minimum of 120 minutes per week; one 60-minute Physical Education lesson covering a whole range of skills, games and activities organised by the specialist teacher, one 60-minute Sport lesson organised by the class teacher.

Included in the sports programme, are swimming lessons through the Education Department In-Term Swimming Programme for students in Years 1 to 6, a creative dance program for students from Pre-Primary to Year 6, and associated inter-faction and inter-school sporting carnivals including cross countries, athletics and lightning carnivals.


Learning another language broadens a student’s horizons. Understandings grow with regards to their relationships with the rest of the world. Students are exposed to new ways of thinking and discover new concepts and ideas as well as different cultures and histories. With a focus on Australia’s relationships with countries in the Asia-Pacific and the growing status of China in world markets, Mandarin has been selected as our Language of choice to provide our students with future opportunities.

Research shows that second language learning increases cognitive power, divergent thinking and creativity, and enhanced literacy skills in their first language. By providing opportunities to communicate with and about others, students are able to make links to define themselves, to understand and to use their own language better.

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