Religious Education

Religious Education seeks to develop the religious literacy of students in light of the Catholic Christian tradition so that they might participate critically and authentically in contemporary culture.

The curriculum content in Religious Education is mandated by the Bishops of Western Australia hence the children (PP-Year 6) have daily Religion lessons. These lessons are complemented by prayer, liturgical singing, class and whole school masses and liturgies of the word, to which parents and friends are invited. Students in Years 3 and 5 annually participate in ‘The Bishop’s Religious Literacy Assessment’.

The focus for Kindergarten children is the spiritual development of the child through activities that support positive feelings towards themselves and others and which relate directly to the wonderful things that God has created. This is done informally though song, dance, drama and story.


Sacramental Programme

Children participate in Sacramental programs in Year Three (Penance), Year Four (Eucharist) and Year Six (Confirmation) which are Parish based. As the first faith educators of their children, our parents are an integral part of this preparation and are encouraged to be supportive and involved in the process. Parent/child workshops are held by the parish as part of the preparation for each Sacrament.

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