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Developed collaboratively with educators, children, families, management and community determining a set of values and beliefs in regard to early childhood education

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is developed collaboratively with educators, children, families, management and community determining a set of values and beliefs in regard to early childhood education.

Our service philosophy is a living document that reflects the knowledge, beliefs and values of our educators, children, families and the wider community. The Centre Vision is the overarching statement that supports and shapes our service.

We acknowledge that the rights of the child are to be upheld in our daily practice, routines, experiences and events. This includes evaluating daily practice, the timing of routines, the development of programs and the organisation of staff.

We acknowledge that children are competent and capable learners, and come to us with knowledge, skills and unique ways of being.

Our learning environments reflect a holistic approach to learning and provide endless opportunities and possibilities that support children’s wellbeing and learning.

Our environment is designed to empower and support children to actively engage in co-constructing their journey. ​

Our Philosophy

At Sacred Heart School Child Care Services we believe that learning is a lifelong process and recognise families as children’s first and most influential educators. We celebrate the dignity, values, knowledge, skills, cultural experiences and God given gifts of each child, their family and their community. We respect each child as a sacred gift from God and support all children to develop a sense of love and respect for themselves and others based on Gospel values.

Building relationships

Meaningful, safe and secure relationships form the foundation of the services at Sacred Heart. We value;

  • Open and honest communication
  • Positive, constructive and encouraging interactions between children, families and staff
  • Diversity, respect and equality
  • The culture, traditional practices, heritage and ancestral knowledge of the children, families, staff and traditional custodians of the land
  • The opinions and feedback received from children and families
  • On-going relationships formed with the local community

Programs and Learning Environments

We believe children learn through play. We provide a fun, safe, inclusive and well supervised learning environment where children are free to play, observe, question, experiment, create and explore. We believe children learn and develop at their own pace and have the right to reach their full potential. We support this by;

  • A holistic approach to planning which includes play based and intentional learning opportunities in line with EYLF and MTOP
  • Providing programs that are child led and appropriate for each individual child’s learning, development and sense of agency
  • Documenting, evaluating and responding to children’s unique capabilities, strengths, interests and cultural experiences
  • Providing opportunities for leadership and peer mentoring in our multi age grouping
  • Providing both natural and built learning environments to enrich children’s awareness of the environment, sustainability and a sense of connection to the natural world around them


Our programs are delivered by professional and ethical educators who are committed to working within the National Quality Framework. We believe in providing the highest quality care and in protecting and advocating for the rights of children. Our educators will commit to;

  • Getting to know each child and developing trusting relationships
  • Creating a positive atmosphere through modelling respectful and courteous language and behaviour
  • Maintaining a safe environment and active supervision of children
  • Building a harmonious, equitable and non-discriminatory workplace
  • On-going reflective practice and professional development

Our philosophy is underpinned by the ECA Code of Ethics, UN Rights of the Child, Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Framework.

Download a copy of our Statement of Philosophy

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