How living things depend on each other and the environment to survive.

Gemma Lockwood

Year Four Biological Science

EDN113 – The Makers Project. 



My name is Gemma Lockwood and I have designed this webpage to help teachers and students to learn by creating. This project provides students with a creative, hands-on approach to learning. Students will be able to create and explore throughout the project. This webpage provides teachers and students with the information they will need to complete the tasks. The Project Overview page will show a brief outline of what will be taught, what areas of the Australian curriculum will be focused on and how the students will use meaningful learning techniques throughout the project. The Project Content page provides a lesson by lesson plan which covers all areas of the topic. To learn more about me and where I have come from head to the About Me page.

I have created this project to be  fun and informative. I hope you learn a lot and most importantly have fun.

All photos throughout the site are from Pixabay unless stated otherwise.