Our Year 4 students experience a ‘virtual incursion’

Mar 31, 2020

Our Year 4 students were invited to join Cecily from Earth Science WA to learn more about soils through a ‘virtual incursion’.  Mrs Cogger received an invite from Cecily through Microsoft Teams and the call went through at 9am on Thursday.  Our Year 4 students were all seated and excited to try this new way of learning.

Cecily conducted the incursion via the big screen in MPR and Mrs Cogger did all the ‘hands on’ work.

Here is Cecily telling us about ‘soil profiles’ and Aiden giving his answer.

Soil profile

The students had to take turns to walk up to the microphone on Mrs Cogger’s Mac to share their answer.

In this clip Cecily explains to the students how to use a hand lens.

How to use a hand lens

Here are a few photos of the students using the hand lenses.

Examining the four different soil samples

How to examine the soil samples

The students had to use a baton and identify whether the soil was fine, medium or coarse.

At the conclusion of the incursion the students used antibacterial wipes to clean all the equipment and prepare the kit for collection by Cecily.

We would like to thank Cecily for offering this alternative to a face to face incursion.  It was a huge success. The students loved it and were engaged with the topic on soils.  Our IT tools worked perfectly to support this new way of learning.  We can see this being a wonderful opportunity for learning about our Earth in remote and regional WA.



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